10 Good Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

August 22, 2021

10 Good Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

Children pick up on new habits so fast. Parents should be aware about which healthy habits that they should be teaching their kids. Starting with the everyday good habits for kids, parents should teach their children about developing consistency and following a regular order so they can grow up healthy and confident. Leading by example, here are 10 habits that kids should learn now: 


Magic Words: Please & Thank You:

As soon as your child learns to speak, teach them the two magic words that will always win the hearts of others; please and thank you. This is one of the most important act of manner kids should be following. Teach them what these words mean and when to use them. Allow them to practice speaking these words with you every day. Saying thank you is considered to be an act of good habits for kids as well as adults.

Keeping Their Living Space Clean:

Your child will only care about keeping their living space clean if you feel the same. Always keep giving your children small lessons about cleanliness and a healthy environment to make them understand the importance of living in a space that feels uncluttered. Lead by example and make your bed everyday. Show your kids that you appreciate a clean environment and they will pick up on it and embrace the idea. 

Read with your child every day:

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. The AAP recommends starting parent-child reading at birth and continuing at least through kindergarten. Developing strong reading skills is an essential component of your child’s success in school now, and at work later in life. Fill a small box with their favorite books and keep them in a place that's easily reachable. I like to keep a basket of books near the couch and my kids love it.

Drink water, not soda:

You can keep the message simple. Water is healthy. Soft drinks are not so much.

Even if your kids don’t understand all of the reasons why too much sugar is bad for them, you can help them understand the basics.

Sugar in sodas adds calories that can lead to weight problems. Water, on the other hand, is a vital resource that humans can’t live without. Buy each of your kiddos a water bottle that they love. Keep it filled and in the fridge at a shelf that they can easily reach. 

Telling the Truth:

Teach your children to never state something that is not true. Promote honesty and truth by encouraging them to speak only what is true. Teach them that lying is a bad habit and they should avoid it. Lying can become a bad habit when kids see it's an effective way to get out of trouble or shirk responsibility. So, when your child tells a lie, address it in a straightforward manner and discourage it from happening again. 

Covering mouth while sneezing or Coughing:

This one goes for everyone but it’s better to start implementing from an early age so that you get used to it. Encourage your child to cover his mouth with the help of his hands if a sneeze or cough comes. It not only comes under manners but is also marks poor hygiene if not done so. 

Brushing Teeth Twice a Day:

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth is one of the most important things you can do. Kids brushing their teeth should be the first thing in the morning when they wake up and the last thing in the night before they go to bed. Teach them about the importance of taking care of our teeth and the rest of our body by helping them learn through books and your own actions. Don't forget to teach them to brush their back molars because kids usually skip them.

Adopting a friendly attitude:

Encourage your child to socialize with those around her and make friends among her peers. Forming friendships and maintaining them is an essential habit she will require for life. 

There are no bad emotions:

If you want to raise kids who are emotionally healthy, teach them to embrace all kinds of emotions that they feel. Crying should be met with empathy. Do not discount their feelings by saying “Don’t cry for such silly things”, or “Only bad girls cry”, or  “Boys don’t cry”, etc. 

Instead, you can teach them that, “Crying is healthy when you feel sad”, or “Getting angry is okay, but always yelling at others is not”, etc. 

Be kind to others who are different:

Whether it's a classmate who is on the autism spectrum or a loved one with muscular dystrophy, your child probably has someone in her life with a disability that she might have questions about. No matter what the situation, it's important to be prepared and to address your child's curiosity about disabilities as openly and honestly as you can. Let them know that everybody is different and that we should always treat each other kindly. 

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