August Box - All The Spoilers

August 06, 2021

August Box - All The Spoilers

Get Organized

There's definitely something in the air in August. Things seem easier when the weather's nice, and people are generally happier. It's a great time for holidays, outings, relaxing, and generally getting some down time before it's back to school/work in the Autumn. Although we're in holiday mode, it's also important to recognize that back to school/work/routine is just around the corner. Right now is the time to prep for these things, so you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you're prepared. The August Good Habit box is filled with goodies to help encourage and promote organization and joy in your life. 

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Floral Notepad and Bookmark from Elyse Breanne Design

A notepad is the perfect place to jot down a quick thought before you forget it. Use this floral notepad for all the odds and ends you want to remember, from your monthly budget to your grocery list to your weekly to-do list. Elyse Breanne is a law student and artist who designs beautiful products. //

Set of 2 Canvas Zip Pouches

These easy zip pouches are just the right size and very versatile. Use one for your planner, pen, and notepad to keep track of your goals. Use the second bag to organize something in your life that would encourage and help you. These bags are from Boon Supply, an eco-friendly, women-owned brand focused on giving back to the community. //

Almond Toffee Two-Pack Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery

After a successful day of getting organized, you deserve a treat. Great right out of the bag, these chewy buttery cookies feature a decadent almond toffee that is sure to put a smile on your face. //

Set of 5 Spiral Hair Ties

These hair ties actually stay in place and don't hurt when you take them out. I hope you feel encouraged to get up, get ready, and get going! Take care of yourself so that you have the energy and time to take care of your goals.


Here's some quick goal ideas for August:

  • Throw out or recycle any unused subscriptions.
  • Whether its at home or work, clean and organize your workspace.
  • Have one day a week that you sit down and spend 10-20 minutes planning your week and checking on your goals.

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