September 10, 2020

After the leisurely pace of summer, fall responsibilities can make you feel like you’re scrambling to keep up. The warm breeze and the sunshine are transitioning into golden colors, the smell of pumpkin, and the business of schedules. It's the season of beauty and harvest, but also the season of routines. Here are three habits to help shift your mindset into one that embraces routines and gets things done.


Many of us sacrifice sleep in favor of getting things done. We don't want to do that. When you do that, you are cutting out a key contributor to your health and success.

According to Harvard Medical School, sleep improves your immune function, metabolism, memory, and learning capabilities—basically all the ingredients needed to be superhuman. It is so important to get 6-8 hours of sleep!

Schedule sleep as if it were an appointment. Make it an event in your home that you look forward to each day.


We all have rhythms woven into our days. Maybe you have your favorite radio station you listen to on your morning drive. Or perhaps iced coffee is the afternoon pick-me-up that gets you through the day. These positive routines are gifts we give to ourselves that help us keep going. These routines support us.

Think of a productive daily or weekly routine that you can add to your life to help you get organized, embrace the season, and encourage you to get things done. Incorporating these chore-related habits into your daily and weekly routine will make them feel like less of a burden, and you won’t fall behind in your housework. Here are some examples:
  • quickly rinsing the dishes after every meal
  • laying out the next day’s work clothes the night before
  • helping your kids with their homework
  • make your bed every morning
  • having a set day for watering plants
  • get fifteen minutes of stretching done each morning
  • clean out your car each week


To-do lists are useful for keeping you organized but don’t set yourself up for failure and frustration by overburdening yourself.

Create realistic goals. Focus less on the number of tasks to be completed and more on the quality of work that will get done. Don't focus on everything at once. Pick one or two small goals that will help this season be successful. A great goal that I would highly recommend is to declutter a space in your home that is bringing you stress. Researchers have found that homes with more clutter generally have occupants with higher stress levels. Highly organized people are habitual declutterers, and a clean space brings joy and peace to your life.


Good time management skills are an asset when it comes to staying organized. Know what tasks to prioritize and how much time it should take to complete them.

Allow yourself to tackle household chores during periods where you’ll experience the least number of interruptions or distractions.

Start practicing these good organizational habits that highly organized people swear by, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

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