Featured Artist Interview // Michelle Berry

November 24, 2020

Featured Artist Interview // Michelle Berry

For our December Box, we asked Michelle Berry from Fiddles and Fern to design an art print that would convey the feeling of a bedtime routine to our subscribers. Michelle specializes in hand lettering, calligraphy, and owns her own Etsy shop. 

We recently connected with Michelle to learn more about her story, her creative process, and where she drew inspiration for the exclusive art print she created for Good Habit Box Co.'s December box.

Let’s jump right in! If you could describe what you do in a few sentences, what would you say?

I take my love for house plants and calligraphy and combine the two together! I love making household products and apparel that anyone would love to have in their home. Everything I make can be amazing gifts for someone else, or just for you! I am taking my love of calligraphy and pouring my time and energy into bettering my practice and skills. I can't wait to share that journey with all of you!

Can you walk us through your creative process for the December Art Print exclusive to Good Habit Box Co.?

YES! So since the month is all about getting some good rest, the main thing that came to mind were all the blue and gray tones. I knew I wanted to stick to those colors and bring in the shape of the moon. I live kind of in the middle of no where, so we have an AMAZING view of the stars and moon. Once I had those in mind, the rest really came together quickly. The quote I picked out really resonates with me lately. I am a new shop and creator, so a lot of my time is spent thinking about the future. So much so that I tend to lose sleep over it. So this quote not only reminds me to try and shut my brain off for a bit, but also that my future is awaiting and I need to be present and ready for it.

Why do you think people connect with your work so much?

I think people connect with my work because we are all in similar stages of life right now with the pandemic. We are all for the most part, staying home and finding new ways to connect with each other. We are also finding new ways to celebrate the holidays. So I think I got started selling my work at such a unique time. I get to provide fun and personalized gifts to send to your loved ones. Or I also have cute and comfortable shirts and crewnecks for all of our lounging around the house. I really try to put myself in the consumer and follower's shoes, and think what do people really want or need right now. I also think that building relationships with my community has really helped gain interest for my work. I try to be pretty real and honest in my posts which I know a lot of people can relate to.

Over the past few years, so much has changed in terms of how we communicate with each other—a lot of that is technology and social media. As an artist, what is your relationship to social media?

You know, this is a tricky one. On a personal level, social media is about just sharing life with friends and family. But on a business level, there is so much more to it!! I always come back to making genuine and real relationships with my followers. Which usually means I have pretty slow growth. But, I'd rather have that than a bunch of followers with little engagement. So stay consistent and patient.

Last question! What does the next year look like for you and your projects?

Eek! I have some big projects that I want to do in the next year!! So my first step is to figure out how to even begin! I would really love to write an interactive calligraphy workbook for beginners. This has always been on my mind, and now that I am comfortable with the Etsy shop, I would like to start testing out the waters for the book. I also have a blog that I started that I would really love to be consistent in as well. So I am going to stick with those two for the time being. Making big goals and then staying intentional and consistent with the smaller goals.
Follow Fiddles and Fern on Instagram to learn more about her designs!

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