How to have a stress-free morning for back to school

August 01, 2021

How to have a stress-free morning for back to school

Rushed and chaotic mornings can be the worst! It messes with your day, changes your mood, and usually leads to forgetting something (or many things)! These hacks and routine tips will help you wake up on time, get ready quickly, and head to school with time to spare. The best part is that you don't even have to wake up any earlier than you do. Follow these simple tips to streamline your morning routine for school and you'll never be late again.

Big kids (middle school, high school, and college students) can handle this morning routine on their own. For littler kids, go through the routine with them, step by step. Once they're older, they'll be able to step right into doing it by themselves, giving you some precious spare time and some peace in your mind!

Your Morning Routine for School: Part One

The night before...

  1. Check the forecast. Knowing the weather for tomorrow will help you pack your bag and plan your outfit.
  2. Pack your bag. Make sure your books, papers, laptop, keys and anything else you need (sweater? umbrella?) for tomorrow are packed up and waiting by the front door. The more you do when you're wide awake, the less you'll forget tomorrow morning.
  3. Charge your devices. Laptop, tablet, phone—make sure they're powered up for tomorrow.
  4. Pick an outfit (or help your kids pick their outfits). With the forecast in mind, you know whether to dress for sun, rain, snow, hot temperatures, or cold. Build from there, from shoes on up. (Now is the time to realize you don't have any clean socks and adjust accordingly). Put everything on a hook on your bedroom door or over a chair.
  5. Move your alarm across the room. It's way too easy to stop Alexa's wake-up call from the comfort of your cozy bed. Instead, set an old-school digital clock or your phone to at least 30 minutes before you need to leave the house (you're kidding yourself if you think you can get ready faster), then put it at least four feet from your mattress. When it goes off in the a.m., you'll be forced to get out of bed to turn it off ... and from there, it's just a tiny stumble to the bathroom to wash up and start your routine.

Your Morning Routine for School: Part Two

The morning of...

  1. Once you've turned off your alarm, hit the bathroom. Wash your face immediately to help you wake up and because you love your skin!
  2. Make your bed. It takes seconds and should be a regular part of your morning routine for school—you'll thank yourself tonight when you flop into your well-made bed, exhausted.
  3. Get dressed. This should take seconds since you prepared last night. (Don't switch outfits on impulse—save that good idea for tomorrow!)
  4. Eat breakfast. After being in sleep mode for at least eight hours (teenagers need eight to 10 hours a night; younger kids need even more), you need to refuel. Ideas: cereal and milk or toast and nut butter; an egg, yogurt or overnight chia pudding, and fruit. Even a cheese sandwich on whole-grain bread will do the trick—and you can take it to go.
  5. Brush your teeth. Cavity protection, fresh breath—all that good stuff.
  6. Fix your hair. Confidence can make you more productive and happier throughout the day. Take a moment to get your hair how you like it.
  7. Save five minutes for quick chores. Walk the dog, feed the cat, empty the dishwasher, etc. Rather than check your phone or turn on the TV, do these things now while you still have time.
  8. Head out. Grab your bag as you leave the house, lock up if you have to, and get going! You're going to have a fantastic day!

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